Can I donate a kidney

Yes, you too can donate a kidney!

In order to donate a kidney you must be in good health and your kidney functioning must be good. You will be required to do some preliminary tests to establish this. If you meet the basic requirements, you will be referred for a comprehensive set of tests, including tissue matching, a psychological evaluation and additional physical examinations, to ascertain that you are healthy. See How do I donate a kidney where you can find detailed information about the tests you can expect to undergo and how they are carried out.

The donor himself, of his own free will, must make the final decision, having received all the information needed to reach an informed decision. Obviously, he must not be subject to any external or family pressure.

In the past, it was necessary to match donor tissue with recipient tissue to a very high degree in order to prevent rejection of the graft by the organ recipient. Recently, however, drugs have been developed to suppress the immune system and so prevent it from rejecting the transplanted organ, thereby raising the survival rate of transplanted kidneys considerably. Genetic similarity between the donor and recipient has therefore become unnecessary for a successful transplant.

Before undergoing surgery, the donor will receive information, guidance and advice from the staff at the transplant center, as well as answers to any concerns he and his family may have. The volunteers of Matnat Chaim are at the disposal of donors to answer questions on any issue or to handle any request, 24 hours a day. See our contact details.  See  a message from Viv Anstey who came from South Africa to donate a kidney to her brother in Israel.

We have at our disposal professionals from a wide range of fields – experts from the fields of medicine, surgery, law, ethics, Halacha, and psychology, all of whom consider it a privilege to offer advice and assistance to those admirable individuals who are willing to donate part of their body to save the life of another human being.