Latest Transplants
Recipient:Doron ben Chaya
Donor:Esther bat Frieda
April 10, 2024; Beilinson Hospital
Latest Transplants
Recipient:Shouki ben Alya
Donor:Idit bat Shulamit
April 9, 2024; Sheba Hospital (Tel HaShomer)
Latest Transplants
Recipient:Uziel ben Simcha
Donor: Yaakov Chaim ben Chava Rachel
April 9, 2024; Ichilov Hospital
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People have already donated a kidney and saved lives!

אודות מתנת חיים

Life after Donation

"Many of those who ride with me are moved by the fact that I donated a kidney and they see that everything is normal with me."
(Elyada Barak)

אודות מתנת חיים

From a Life's Work
To Lifetime Achievement

What an honor! The Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement was awarded this year to the chairman of Matnat Chaim, Rachel Heber!

אודות מתנת חיים

Listen to Rabbanit Heber speak from the depths of her broken heart

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The late Rabbi Yeshayahu Haber

Founder of Matnat Chaim

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Happy New Year from Rachel Heber

A new year – renewal. We are at the end of a twelve-month journey. 52 weeks, 365 days. Imagine a train – a train filled with kidneys. Cars loaded with endless, unimaginable giving, the gift of life!! Every week, noble-spirited, generous-hearted, loving and goal-oriented people joined the journey, where the most important principle is, “Love… Read more »

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How can we repair what has been destroyed?

  For Tisha b’Av, when we remember the destruction of the Temple, we have gathered some stories of unconditional love, deeply restorative and comforting. Click here to read. Have an easy and meaningful fast!

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Latest Transplants

Recipient: Doron ben Chaya
Donor: Esther bat Frieda
April 10, 2024; Beilinson Hospital
Recipient: Shouki ben Alya
Donor: Idit bat Shulamit
April 9, 2024; Sheba Hospital (Tel HaShomer)
Recipient: Uziel ben Simcha
Donor: Yaakov Chaim ben Chava Rachel
April 9, 2024; Ichilov Hospital

Frequently asked questions

  • What happens if one day I myself need a kidney transplant?

    The chances of a kidney donor needing a transplant are extremely low. The reason is that someone who has been approved as a donor must undergo extensive testing to ensure that he is in good health and does not suffer from any condition which may lead to renal disease.
    In addition, almost all diseases which cause kidney failure affect both kidneys equally. In other words, a person having both kidneys will not be at any advantage over a person having only one if he develops diabetes or hypertension or a virus, or receives some defective medication.

  • Will my physical activities be limited in any way after the donation?

    After kidney donation there is a recovery period of several weeks where the donor needs to take it easy. After the initial recovery period the donor can gradually return to all physical activities including sports and other parts of an active, healthy lifestyle with no limitations.

  • If one can live until 120 with one kidney, why did God give us two?

    Many people, including doctors, would say: “One to keep, and one to donate!”. Of course, no organ is “extra”, God forbid. Many people require two kidneys to remain healthy. There are, however, many people who can remain healthy with one kidney, as is proven by many research studies and our own experience. Suitable testing is required to determine who qualifies as a kidney donor.

  • What about fast days? Can I fast as usual?

    Kidney donors can fast like anyone else beginning a year after the donation. During the first year, doctors recommend that donors drink, including on fast days. Some experts advise refraining from fasting for three months, while others say half a year; the strictest opinion is to avoid fasting for one year. Consult your local rabbi for a halachic ruling in this matter. (This matter is treated extensively elsewhere on this site.)

Matnat Chaim®

Matnat Chaim is an Israeli non-profit that recruits and supports healthy volunteers who donate kidneys to patients who require a transplant. Our kidney donors receive no monetary compensation for their donation and the recipients do not pay for their transplants. All kidney donations are done on a voluntary and altruistic basis; the sole motivation of the organization and the kidney donors is the desire to help others and save lives.
MATNAT CHAIM® is a registered trademark of the Matnat Chaim association.

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