I received the gift of life!

There is no way in the world I can be thankful enough for my new kidney.

About Matnat Chaim

My kidney gave life to a child

There is no greater satisfaction, I gave a new life!

About Matnat Chaim

Two brothers, both kidney donors

Giving kindness -and kidneys- family style!

About Matnat Chaim

Matnat Chaim®

Matnat Chaim is an Israeli non-profit dedicated to encouraging healthy volunteers to donate kidneys to patients who require a transplant. None of our kidney donors receive monetary compensation for their donation and most are altruistic donors who do not know their recipients prior to the procedure. The organization functions on a not-for-profit basis; the sole motivation of our volunteers is their desire to help others and save lives.
MATNAT CHAIM® is a registered trademark of the Matnat Chaim association.

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Guidelines for fasting on Yom Kippur for donors as well as for recipients. Tishrei 2019

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Order your lulav and etrog from Netinat Lulav, and the profits are donated to Matnat Chaim! October 2019

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Latest Transplants

Recipient: Emmy Simcha bat Tamar
Donor: Maayan Chaim ben Tamar
October 22, 2019; Beilinson Hospital
Recipient: Nitzan bat Pnina
Donor: David ben Ahuva
October 16, 2019; Beilinson Hospital
Recipient: Ilan ben Naomi
Donor: Amit ben Chana Pesya
October 6, 2019; Beilinson Hospital

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Frequently asked questions

  • What happens if one day I myself need a kidney transplant?

    The chances of a kidney donor needing a transplant are practically zero. The reason is that someone who has been approved as a donor undergoes extensive testing to ensure that he is in good health and does not suffer from any condition which may lead to renal disease.
    In addition, it is known that almost all diseases which cause kidney failure affect both kidneys equally. In other words, a person having both kidneys will not be at any advantage over a person having only one if he develops diabetes or hypertension or a virus or receives some defective medication.

  • Will my physical activities be limited in any way after the donation?

    After an initial period of recuperation, you can gradually return to any type of physical activity with no restrictions, even extreme sports or any other strenuous activity. There are many kidney donors who are employed in strenuous jobs such as in agriculture or that require carrying heavy loads. There are many donors who run the marathon and engage in other challenging sports. During the first month of recuperation, it must be stressed, one should refrain from lifting more than five kilo.

  • If one can live until 120 with one kidney, why did God give us two?

    Many people, including doctors, would say: “In order to donate one!”. Of course, no organ is “extra”, God forbid. Many people require two kidneys to remain healthy. There is, however, a large population which can remain healthy with one kidney, as is proven by many research studies and our own experience. Suitable testing is required to determine who belongs to each group.

  • Will I be able to fast afterwards?

    Kidney donors can fast like anyone else after one year has passed. During the first year, one must always drink a lot. There are conflicting opinions among the doctors. Some experts say after three months, while others say half a year. The strictest opinion is to avoid fasting for one year. Consult your local rabbi for a halachic ruling in this matter. (This matter is treated extensively elsewhere on this site.)

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