Matnat Chaim’s charter

Matnat Chaim is a voluntary organization whose activities are purely charitable. The motivation of the directors of Matnat Chaim is the desire to benefit their fellow-man.

All activities of the organization are in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and international law. As believing Jews we declare that all our activities are subject to the rules of halacha (Jewish Law) and the Torah of Israel, and in accordance with the ethical values of Judaism from which we derive our ideals of mission and commitment.

Our encouragement of suitable people to donate their kidney to save their fellow-man is strictly altruistic and voluntary, with no trace whatsoever of a connection to trade in organs.

It is the objective of the organization to present to the public information that has been gathered from many reliable sources and personal experience. None of this should be construed as a recommendation. Any decision taken by a donor is exclusively his own.