Mission statement

Our Goals

We, the undersigned, have first-hand knowledge of the suffering undergone by kidney patients in need of a kidney transplant and feel that it is our duty to ease the difficulties they encounter in finding living kidney donors. We have therefore formed a voluntary association with the aim of encouraging living kidney donations in Israel.

Our Vision

To increase public awareness of medical research studies proving that living kidney donation entails no risk for the donor and involves a minimal degree of discomfort.
To encourage altruistic kidney donors and to match them with suitable potential recipients.
To negotiate with the authorities with regard to appropriate statutory reimbursement of expenses for kidney donors.
To intervene in an effort to shorten and simplify the administrative procedures involved in gaining approval for a living kidney donation.
To establish ways in which Israeli society can express its appreciation to those generous individuals who have donated part of their body to save lives, and show the esteem due to them.

Our Activities

All the activities are to be carried out with full transparency, fairness and subject to legal requirements.

Signed by Members of the Directorate