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    In this section, you will be asked to fill in various medical data so that Matnat Chaim can check your initial suitability for kidney donation. By filling in the data, you give your consent in advance to-disclose the information to Matnat Chaim and to other related parties on its behalf, including the National Transplant Center, and authorize Matnat Chaim to carry out all the necessary inquiries in connection with the aforementioned and related data, for the purpose of checking your suitability for kidney donation.

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    Are there family members with clotting problems (leg vein blockage / recurrent miscarriages, need for blood thinners)?*
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    Special requests:
    What has most influenced you to sign up for 'Matnat Chaim'
    Is the donation intended for the benefit of a particular patient? If so, for whom?
    I hereby confirm that my decision to donate a kidney was made in a fully informed manner and without pressure from any external source.*
    I hereby confirm that I have not requested or received, nor do I have any intention of requesting or receiving any monetary or other compensation for the donation of my kidney (other than reimbursement of expenses as per the transplant law). My kidney donation is strictly altruistic, for the purpose of saving a life.*
    Approves receiving mailings from "Matnat Chaim"