Round up your purchases to help Matnat Chaim!

Help us to continue recruiting and supporting new kidney donors, so that we can reach our goal of eliminating the waiting list for kidney transplants in Israel. We invite you to round up your purchases on our behalf (Israeli credit cards only)!

In order to begin rounding up for Matnat Chaim, please fill out the information below:

    Approves receiving mailings from "Matnat Chaim"

    If you prefer to give us your personal information by phone, please enter only your name and phone number below, and we will contact you for the other information. You can also join through The Round Up site.

    Matnat Chaim recruits and supports healthy volunteers who are willing to donate a kidney to patients awaiting transplant, thereby saving their lives. Our kidney donors receive no monetary compensation for their donation, generally do not know the patients who receive their kidneys, and are motivated simply by the desire to save lives. So far, hundreds of kidney transplants have been performed through our organization, and hundreds of patients have gotten a second chance at life thanks to our volunteers’ altruistic donations.

    What is Round Up?

    Round Up is a non-profit organization which works to improve Israel’s society through a special system that allows every person in Israel to contribute a little – and accomplish a great deal. The system, implemented through the credit card companies, enables those who join the program to round up every credit card transaction to the nearest shekel, and to donate the rounded up agorot – in full – to the organizations the cardholder selects.

    • Average monthly donation is just about 5 NIS.
    • Over 500,000 individuals are already “rounding up” their transactions, and over 120,000,000 NIS in donations have already been transferred to organizations.
    • To join, all that is needed is one’s contact information and the last four digits of the debit/credit card.


    Matnat Chaim – Donating to a Worthy Cause

    “Midot Seal of Effectiveness” affirms that Matnat Chaim is committed to an organizational culture that emphasizes planning and assessment, a focus on results, and continuous improvement, with the goal of influencing its beneficiaries and generating a substantial change in their lives.