Alt+SHIFT: The Gift of Life

Rabbi Yeshayahu and Rachel Heber

Can one person or one couple truly change the world? R. Yeshayahu Haber and his wife, Rabbanit Rachel Haber, may offer an affirmative answer. In 2007, R. Haber was on dialysis and met another patient struggling with failing kidneys who eventually died. R. Haber, who ultimately received a transplant himself, decided he must facilitate more transplants and started the Matnat Chaim organization. Matnat Chaim encourages donors via education, streamlining the bureaucracy, providing support and incentives for donors (such as public acclaim, weekend retreats, etc.), finding matches, and more. During its first year, the organization only facilitated four  donations and now they frequently achieve four a week. In all, Matnat Chaim has more than 1,500 kidney donations to its credit.

The article was published in Tradition Online on September 21, 2023.

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