Chanuka Publicity Campaign 2016

English magazine explaining process of kidney donationKidney patients often describe dialysis treatments as a life sentence. When a kidney patient receives a new kidney from a donor, he is overcome by his new freedom, as if he has been let out of prison.

During Chanuka 2016, Matnat Chaim published “Freedom”, an English-language magazine designed to explain the process of kidney donation from every possible direction. Aimed particularly at the Orthodox community, the magazine includes personal stories of kidney donors and recipients, a detailed description of the tests and procedures that the kidney donors must undergo, position of Jewish Law on kidney donation, and much more!

The magazine was distributed as a supplement to the English versions of “Mishpacha” magazine and the “Hamodia” newspaper in Israel, the UK and Europe, and responses were overwhelmingly positive with many readers saying they read the magazine from cover to cover. A number of readers have expressed interest in beginning the kidney donation process, and there have been many generous financial donations as well.

We invite you to read, enjoy and perhaps consider kidney donation as an option for you!