Elyada Barak

אלידע ברק ואיציק

45 years old, a resident of the Hasmonaim settlement, a high-tech person working for the Cyberark company
Donated a kidney in 2018
The first time I was exposed to kidney donation was when I met at prayer a friend who came to prayer with a bottle of water. When I asked him why the bottle, he told me that he donated a kidney two days ago…
The truth is that I was quite surprised but I didn’t attach too much importance to it, but I think the significant trigger was actually a very big disaster that happened to us. On 4/30/2013, there was a stabbing attack at Tapuh intersection in which my brother Avitar (Nafo) Borovsky was murdered. This event was very traumatic for me and caused me to be in a painful and difficult place where I was only looking for light and hope. I started volunteering and working in all kinds of places, trying to do only good things, and suddenly I remembered that friend with the water bottle from the synagogue…
I knew there were no coincidences in the world.
I turned to “Mentana Haim” and asked to donate as soon as possible, but the heavens wanted otherwise.
At the hospital they disqualified me because I was overweight – 10 extra kg. I, who was motivated to contribute, changed my diet and lost about 12 kg within a year, and got back on track. If the donation process usually takes a few months, for me it took about two years.
My dear transplanted Itzik received a kidney from me, and I, who lost a brother, gained a new and beloved brother.
In 2013 I was at the lowest and most painful point in my life, and in 2018 I was at the highest and strongest point in my life.
After the donation, I preferred not to tell or talk about it, but my wife, who understood the depth of the matter, demanded that I go out in the open and spread the news widely so that more people would be added to the circle of donors.