Honorary Degree to Rachel Heber

Rachel Heber, chairman of Matnat Chaim, has received an honorary degree from the Ruppin Academic Center for the year 2021. Honorary degrees are awarded on behalf of Ruppin to those who have made an outstanding contribution to Israeli society. The Ruppin Academic Center believes that the issue of social responsibility is at the core of its endeavors and it chooses honorees who can serve as inspiring models for its graduates. In the case of Rachel Heber’s honorary degree, the Center mentioned “those who are willing to sacrifice their personal good for the sake of others.”

At the pre-ceremony reception, Dr. Keren Greenberg, Head of the Department of Nursing Sciences, said the following:

Matnat Chaim was established from the sickbed of Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber, a kidney transplant recipient himself, who was well aware of the suffering of dialysis patients and decided to do all he could to eliminate the waiting list for kidney transplants and save as many people as possible from dialysis. Together with his wife Rachel, they established their groundbreaking organization, breaking down many social, cultural and religious obstacles. They have proven that doing for others can be part of our day-to-day routine, and established an organization in which “loving your neighbor as yourself” is applied in the deepest sense of the word. Kidney donation is a noble act that makes the world a better and purer place.

The rabbi and his wife revolutionized the field of kidney donation in Israel and the unique organization they set up is a beacon and role model all over the world, with many international experts wanting to use Matnat Chaim as a model and understand the secret of its success. Israel is now one of the leading countries in living organ donation and is a light to the nations of the world in this field. To date there have been donations of over 1050 kidney donations through the organization.” (Note that the video is in Hebrew.)

R to L: Mrs. Rachel Heber, Matnat Chaim chairwoman
Prof. Galia Tzabar, President, Ruppin Academic Center
Mr. Udi Angel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ruppin Academic Center
Mr. Raanan Dinor, Chairman of the Board of Governers, Ruppin Academic Center