Al Ha-nissim: In those days – at this time

Hanuka Message from Rachel Heber, Matnat Chaim Chair

To our kidney donors and all the friends and patrons of Matnat Chaim – happy Hanuka!

About the miracles – at Matnat Chaim, amazing miracles happen every week; more and more kidney patients are returning to normal and healthy lives.

About the wonders – to extract a patient from a dialysis machine – could there be a greater wonder than that?!

About the salvation – a person who donates a kidney saves not only the patient but his family and friends as well.

About the wars – the kidney patients’ war for survival comes to an end when a successful transplant is performed.

During these days of Hanuka, we thank our kidney donors, those giants of the spirit, who entered the operating room and donated an organ from their body to another, out of love and  solidarity, a true miracle!!

1,350 kidney transplants have already been facilitated by Matnat Chaim –  an illuminating flame that spreads light from one end of the world to the other, and yet…

Few against many – there are still many more kidney and dialysis patients who are desperate to go from darkness into light.

You can help us help them.

Even those who cannot donate a kidney can save lives by making a financial donation that will help us spread the word, raise awareness and create additional exposure.

“A candle for one can shed light on hundreds”

With warm regards,

Happy Hanukkah.