Kidney Donor Receives Sefer Tora

Rabbi Shaul Weingort, a Chabad teacher,  donated one of his kidneys to Yehuda.  Rav Shaul and Yehuda met after the donation in Hadassa Ein Karem. It was the end of Tishrei.

Yehuda told Rav Shaul the following story. He had been waiting five years to find a donor match. During that time he had tried every segulah he knew of to try and increase his merit. Finally, he decided to do something beyond the pale, beyond the usual hishtadlut. Yehuda decided to write a sefer Torah. A week after he’d paid the sofer his advance, Yehuda was told that baruch Hashem, a match (Shaul) had been found.

Weingort was very moved to hear the story, especially since Shabbat Nachamu, when the Torah scroll was dedicated to the shul near Yehudah’s home, is his bar mitzvah parshah, and he confided that it is his dream to someday also write a sefer Torah.

Shaul and Yehuda kept in touch as people who are so connected are wont to do. On 4 Tammuz, nine months later, two of Yehuda’s children, a son and daughter showed up at Shaul’s house – carrying a sefer Torah. Yehuda had decided to help Shaul realize his dream and commissioned a second sefer Torah to bestow upon him.

The article was printed in The Jewish Press on October 16, 2022. Click here to read the article >>>