Matnat Chaim’s Publicity Campaign

Matnat Chaim launched a broad publicity campaign on Sukkot, unprecedented in its scope, which included close to a million copies of various magazines, and is the largest in the history of the organization.

8 סיפורי גבורה על תורמי כליהThree different publicity magazines were produced: one for the ultra-orthodox public, one for the national-religious public and one directed at the general public. The first two were distributed in synagogues and in the most widely-read newspapers of each public and the third was included in the Yediot Acharonot newspaper in about 800,000 copies.

In the two religious populations the publicity material of Matnat Chaim is looked-forward to at מוסף שמחת תורה 2016holiday times and the holy work of the organization is well-known. What was new this time was the approach to the secular readership of Yediot Acharonot. Matnat Chaim is interested in opening its ranks of kidney donors to the general Israeli public and not just to the observant public as in the past. This exposure will contribute to this goal and convert Matnat Chaim into a general Israeli initiative in keeping with its current short-term objectives.

10 סיפורי גבורה על תורמי כליהEach magazine contains personal stories of kidney donors and recipients, as well as extensive information about every aspect of kidney transplants. The magazines are an excellent source of information for anyone considering donating a kidney and saving a life.

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