Moshe Lion meets 50 Kidney Donors from Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion met with about 50 residents of Israel’s capital city who are kidney donors to mark the “The Thousandth Kidney Donation” to be held next week as well as to mark the passing of 11 months since the passing of HaRav Yeshayahu Heber, z’tl, the founder of the Matnat Chaim organization.

The chairwoman of Matnat Chaim, the widow of Rav Heber, z’tl, Rachel Heber, noted at the event that Jerusalem leads the world in the number of altruistic kidney donations. About 100 Jerusalem residents have donated a kidney to a total stranger.

Lion said that the event was one of the most moving he had ever participated in.

The article was published in The Yeshiva Worls on 17.3.2021. Click here to read the full article >>>