Chanuka Publicity Campaign 2018

It’s Chanuka, the festival of light, the festival of hope, commemorating
the miracles Hashem performed for the Maccabim. Just as on each day of the
holiday, we add another light, so too, each day, we must endeavor to bolster
the lives of others with renewed hope and partner with Hashem in performing
Over the past 60 years, the modern miracle of kidney transplantation has
saved thousands of lives, rescuing people from the brink of death. The difference
in the recipient’s condition before and after a transplant is as night and
day – they come back to life and regain their former vitality.
Everyone at Matnat Chaim is motivated by one mission: to relieve suffering
and save lives. And we couldn’t do that without the assistance of kind people
like you – people who choose to give a piece of themselves so that someone
else can live and thrive.

During Chanuka 2018, Matnat Chaim published “Save a Life, Save a World”, an English-language magazine distributed as a supplement to the English versions of “Mishpacha” magazine and the “Hamodia” newspaper.

In this magazine, you can take a look into the worlds of these kidney donors:

  • Learn what planted the seed of kidney donation in their heads and hearts.
  • See how they pushed forward in their missions, despite obstacles.
  • Warm your heart with the astounding rejuvenation of the kidney patients.

We live in a time of open miracles. Only a generation or two ago, a person in kidney failure would have no chance of survival. Today with a successful kidney transplant,  he can go on to live a vibrant, healthy, and productive life.

We invite you to read, enjoy and perhaps consider kidney donation as an option for you!